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Teton Guitars STS205CENT Dreadnought - Cutaway Electronics

Special Features

Solid Top Wood:
Western Red Cedar
Soundhole Rosette:
Fishman PRESYS+





Like the pinnacle of the Teton mountain range, this guitar is the pinnacle of the Teton Guitar brand. We took all the things people loved about our STS105NT and upped our game. This guitar has an all solid body. Solid Western Red Cedar for the top and African Mahogany for the back and sides. The companionship of cedar and mahogany is a dream come true to singer/songwriters. The blending of tones produced by both wood types accentuates the human voice.



Western Red Cedar is a softer wood that has great warmth. Because of the warmth of cedar, it pairs very well with the human voice and is great for singer/songwriters. Cedar naturally amplifies quieter playing styles and is a favorite of fingerpickers.



Dreadnought - Cutaway Electronics

The dreadnought body shape has been the most popular shape for decades now for a number of reasons. First, it has a nice balance between low, mid and high frequencies. Where some body shapes scoop the mid range, a dreadnought will bring the mid range up. This is important when playing with a group of instruments. The mid range of a guitar will stand out. Because of the tonal balance of a dreadnought, the sound does not get muddy and will be very articulate even when a player is a more aggressive picker.


Fishman PRESYS+

Fishman's PRESYS+ preamp is designed to make your Teton guitar sound as great amplified as it does when you play it acoustically. The PRESYS+ has a three band EQ that allows you to fine-tune your tone and adapt to any situation you are in. The PRESYS+ also has Notch, Brilliance and Phase adjustments. This preamp is paired with a Fishman Sonicore pickup to reproduce your amazing natural Teton tone when plugging in.


This is an incredible sounding and playing instrument, way beyond expectations in this price range. Deep, clear bass, not muddy, and singing/ringing highs with or without a pick – totally versatile; it does it all. I would not trade mine for anything else I have played or heard at twice the price. Great tone at low volumes and solid electronics. Plays great right off the rack. Although mine was set up professionally by Bill St. John at Music Central in Colorado Springs, a few months after I bought it there, no bridge or nut adjustments were needed, just some basic fret work once the instrument adjusted to our altitude and climate.

-Kevin Rose


I purchased this fine instrument at Tom’s Guitars in Medford, Oregon, after searching and playing several other guitars in the area. After playing the STS205CENT for fifteen minutes, it was clear to me that it had the tone and playability that I had been looking for. As a player for plus forty years, I can say without a doubt that this guitar has the highs, lows and mid range that far exceed any other brand within the price range. Thank you Teton.

-Gary Claughton


I’d been in the market for a new guitar for a few months but just couldn’t find the sound I was looking for. I happened to walk into one of Boise’s music stores that had relocated but was known to me as a good place for sheet music. Just looking for a piece of sheet music, I noticed the Teton Guitars. I’d never heard of them but decided to play one. The first one I played, I found the sound I had been looking for. I have been playing for the better part of 30 years and was impressed with this guitar company and this particular model of guitar with such a warm sound and great action. It’s every bit as good as many high-end guitars that I’ve played and it’s half the price.

-Kenneth Christianson


This guitar has had great response at open mics and from friends I jam with. The looks are great and the sound is better. I always have trouble getting it back out of other peoples hands.

Tom’s Guitars in Medford, Oregon, was an excellent representative of “Teton’s” product line. They let me play everything on the shelf with no pressure. The guitar sold itself and I was prepared to throw down more for the other name brands to find the fulfilling depth that the cedar offers.

I purchased the guitar quite a distance from my hometown and never have returned to the shop. This guitar was not represented in the guitar center in my area and I was pleased to support a small local vendor in Medford.

It has now become my 17 year old boy’s obsession….much appreciated that the Teton guitar has more appeal than the digital world.

Now comes the unfortunate portion of the story…

I was under the impression that the Fishman pick-up was a good way to go. The sound was great and the tuner was convenient.

My first problem came within a month of purchasing the guitar in 8/2012 which was when the power switch on the mechanism didn’t turn off, thus requiring the battery to need to be removed to avoid draining down. Always a bit of a hassle as the battery always seemed to get left in and die. The second problem with it was when the clip that held the rotation of the lid/battery access broke, it started flopping open/closed. Now the wires in the harness have popped out and it doesn’t work.

I called Tom’s Guitars today and they pointed out it had a (2) year warranty. I had not realized this and take full responsibility for not asking for a replacement. I understand from “Tom’s Guitar Shop” that Teton has excellent customer service.

-Michael Brown


Limited Lifetime Warranty



Body Shape:
Top Wood (solid):
Western Red Cedar
Back & Sides:


Neck Material:
Neck Finish:
Neck Joint:
Fretboard Inlay:
Cat’s Eye Abalone
# of Frets:
Fret Size:
Nut Width:
43mm/1 11/16″


Upper Bout Width:
294mm/11 9/16″
Lower Bout Width:
391mm/15 3/8″
Body Depth – Upper Bout:
106mm/4 3/16″
Body Depth – Lower Bout:
119mm/4 11/16″
Body Length:
Scale Length:
Overall Length:


Abalone and Rosewood
Body Finish:
Nut, Saddle:
Soundhole Rosette:
Bridge Pin:
Rosewood w/ Abalone Dot
Hardware Color:
Gold w/ Black Buttons
Fishman PRESYS+
D’Addario EXP16 12-53
$899.99 (USD)

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