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Teton Guitars STJ150ENT Jumbo - Electronics

Special Features

Solid Top Wood:
Sitka Spruce
Soundhole Rosette:
Mahogany w/ Maple
Fishman PRESYS+






Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is the most well-rounded tone wood and is used on more guitar tops than any other wood. This is due to the tonal qualities and sonic projection of spruce. It has a nice even tone and does not accentuate any frequency above another in an overpowering way. Spruce also has a strong attack and does not get muddy at high volumes. This makes it a very versatile wood and makes those players with soft touches sound great and people playing with other instruments cut through the mix.



Jumbo - Electronics

Our goal with the Teton Jumbo was to make a more modern version of a jumbo but keep the big boomy sound that is a beloved characteristic of that body shape. We realized that most people don't like playing on a traditional jumbo. They are too big to be comfortable. Therefore, we started with this in mind. We made every dimension of the body smaller and made the waist even more pronounced, thus allowing the guitar to sit more naturally in a lap. However, when you shave body from a guitar you loose boominess so we had to adjust some of our bracing patterns to make up for this. We also made changes to the thickness of the top wood. These two changes provided strength for a larger surface area and increased tone and volume. The Teton jumbos really are in a class of their own.


Fishman PRESYS+

Fishman's PRESYS+ preamp is designed to make your Teton guitar sound as great amplified as it does when you play it acoustically. The PRESYS+ has a three band EQ that allows you to fine-tune your tone and adapt to any situation you are in. The PRESYS+ also has Notch, Brilliance and Phase adjustments. This preamp is paired with a Fishman Sonicore pickup to reproduce your amazing natural Teton tone when plugging in.


This Teton spruce top, rosewood body jumbo has exceeded my expectations in every possible manner. This guitar rings like a bell. The volume, tone, and sustain are amazing. Fit and finish are perfect. Plays up the neck beautifully with great action. Flat-picking, jazz chords, it all sounds good. Not as much bass as an all mahogany guitar, but the D through high E strings just sing.

I’ve played for over 45 years. I’m not a guitar nut, but I own a major brand acoustic costing 3 times as much that does not deliver the quality sound of this Teton.

Ran it through an amp at the music store and the Fishman onboard electronics sounded great, even though I won’t be using them. The built-in tuner is convenient and accurate.

The Teton dreadnought model I tried sounded very good, but the unamplified jumbo could not be beat. I played this guitar for two minutes and I knew I was going to buy it.

I cannot remember being more pleased with a purchase. Thank you, Teton, for building a great guitar at a great price.

-Drew C


I actually have two Teton Guitars. This is a great story!
When my son turned 13, I took him into Tom’s guitar in Medford, OR. Tom has a whole wall of guitars and
I told my son, “pick out any guitar you want.” He chose a Teton. I had never heard of Teton before, but it was very clear the minute he let old dad strum it a few times, it sounded much better than my Martin. Years passed. I found myself losing my wife and, yes, my Martin; very sad time. The one thing that got me through was I was able to buy a Teton for myself. This guitar is amazing and sounds better than my son’s guitar. I don’t know how many times I have let friends and even strangers play my guitar and, yeah, I get the Wow factor!; so nice. Well, this guitar didn’t have a built-in pickup and I like to perform here and there, so I bought another Teton with a pickup in it. Sadly, this new guitar is very beautiful, but I think there is something wrong with it. It’s a jumbo like my other one but the sound isn’t close.
I do love my Teton. I have written some really good songs with it!

-Darrin Wayne


Limited Lifetime Warranty



Body Shape:
Top Wood (solid):
Sitka Spruce
Back & Sides:
Rosewood Laminate


Neck Material:
Neck Finish:
Neck Joint:
Fretboard Inlay:
Cat’s Eye Abalone
# of Frets:
Fret Size:
Nut Width:
42mm/1 11/16″


Upper Bout Width:
311mm/12 1/4″
Lower Bout Width:
410mm/16 1/8″
Body Depth – Upper Bout:
108mm/4 1/4″
Body Depth – Lower Bout:
117mm/4 5/8″
Body Length:
511mm/20 1/8″
Scale Length:
Overall Length:
1054mm/41 1/2″


Mahogany, Maple and Rosewood
Body Finish:
Nut, Saddle:
Soundhole Rosette:
Mahogany w/ Maple
Bridge Pin:
White w/ Black Dot
Hardware Color:
Fishman PRESYS+
D’Addario EXP16 12-53
$599.99 (USD)

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